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Host a Panel!

Contribute to the activities at Anime Matsuri

We are looking for professional, informative, exciting and fun activities with great hosts.

Thank you for your interest in being part of making Anime Matsuri special. A large portion of the panels and workshops are hosted by fans. Our attendees give their time and effort for the enjoyment of everyone, you can do it too!

Panel Information

  • A maximum of three panel applications are allowed under the same individual or group, each panel request must be on a separate form.
  • Anime Matsuri offers one complimentary badge per approved Panel.
  • By participating in a Panel, Panelists agree to the Anime Matsuri Event Policies and Panelist Agreement.
  • Panelists may request day or night panel, but must be available to host their panel(s) any day of the Event.
  • A regular panel is 1hr long. Panelist have 10 min. for set up before the panel starts, tear down is 10 min. after the panel ends. Everything that is brought into the panel must be removed by the end of the panel. Panelists are expected to leave the room in the same condition as they find it.
  • Panels will include two to four microphones (larger panel rooms will most likely have wireless microphones but not guaranteed), projector, speakers, riser, host table(s), and Anime Matsuri backdrop. Laptops will not be provided or available, panelists are required to bring their own if one is required.

How do I know if my Panel got approved?

Due to a high volume of submitions, Anime Matsuri will reply through email only to approved panelist within 1 week.

You have until April 31st, 2020 to submit your panel application or until all spots are filled.

Submit your Panel

Panel Name
The title of the panel as it will be listed on the schedule visible to attendees.
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Panel Description (attendees will see this)
Brief description of panel which will be visible to attendees. Please make sure to proof read and spell check. Changes by staff will be made if necessary.
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Panel Information (for programming only)
Describe in detail the content of your panel and any other information Anime Matsuri staff needs to know about the panel. Based on this information we will determine if you panel gets approved.
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Time of day requested
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Do you require a room without chairs?
Not guaranteed as there is only one room without chairs. Chairs in theater style rooms may not be moved, this is convention center policy.
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Panel Length
A regular panel is 1hr long. This time should be panel only, it does not include setup or tear down time.
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Panelist Contact Information

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Will there be any Co-Panelists?
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