Anime Matsuri 2020 Application for Panel Submission will open on August 15, 2019.

A maximum of three panel applications are allowed, each panel request must be on a separate form. Panels will be accepted on a first come first serve basis, if multiple requests are submitted for the same panel, we will try to combine the panels if both hosting parties agree. Anime Matsuri offers complimentary badges to selected returning hosts or to certain hosts at the discretion of the programming department. Submitting a Panel application and approval of panel(s) does not guarantee a complimentary badge and is not an automatic Industry application, Industry applications must be submitted separately and will open in January 2018. Everyone else must be preregistered to apply to host a panel.

By participating in a Panel, Panelists agree to the Anime Matsuri Event Policies and Panelist Agreement. Panelists may request day or night panel, but must be available to host their panel(s) any day of the Event.

Panels will include two to four microphones (larger panel rooms will most likely have wireless microphones but not guaranteed), projector, speakers, riser, host table(s), and Anime Matsuri backdrop. Laptops will not be provided or available, panelists are required to bring their own if one is required.