AM Babes Application

Hey! let's hype up the crowds!

‭If you like to have fun, be around people, and dance, then join the energetic AM Babes! We want to make our attendees and guests feel welcomed at Anime Matsuri. We dance, play games, and take photos with our attendees!

What are the AM Babes?

As an AM Babe, you will have to dance, entertain attendees with games, and have a social media presence. You will have to make year-round appearances and photo shoots for training and promotional purposes. Due to a specific vision, Anime Matsuri will be implementing a screening and interview process to each considered applicant.


Please be advised that the AM Babes is an upbeat hype group and brand representatives for Anime Matsuri. AM Babes position is AM Staff, and so you must agree to all guidelines placed forth by Anime Matsuri for its Staff members.

Please carefully familiarize yourself with the following qualifications.

  • Must be female and over 18 years old
  • Live in the Houston Area
  • Upbeat and social personality
  • Commitment to attend at least 90% of training and meetings
  • Ability to dance and willingness to learn a variety of styles
  • Commitment to attend and participate in ALL public events (ie promotional events, activations, etc.)
  • Social media presence – able and willing to be a public figure of Anime Matsuri ‘AM’ Babes group)
  • Available to work 6-8 hour shifts in uniform and all 4 days of the convention
  • Dress size 0-6 (uniforms may show midriff and high leg short)
  • Experience with personal hair and makeup

Ready to apply?

To be considered as a candidate,  please carefully fill in the application and familiarize yourself with the specified qualifications.  You must fill all portions of the application and meet all requested qualifications to be considered. Thank you for your interest in being an AM Babe!

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Please be as accurate as possible with your measurements.
Dress size
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Personal experience

Please be as descriptive as possible with your answers.
Have you performed on stage and/or for crowds before? If so, please explain your experience.
Have you volunteered for an anime convention before? If so, please explain your convention volunteer experience.

Thank you!

If you are an eligible candidate then you will be contacted by email to proceed to the next step! Good luck!