Apply to Anime Matsuri’s Maid Cafes

Join Anime Matsuri's Maid & Butler Cafes

Our goal is to bring the most authentic Japanese Maid and Butler experience to America. We strive to be the best and to meet that goal we must find also the best Butlers, Maids & Kitchen Staff.

Please be advised that each sub-department, Maid, Butler, and Kitchen, have their own unique and separate guidelines, expectations, and responsibilities. Also, keep in mind that these positions are as AM Staff and so you must agree to all guidelines placed forth by Anime Matsuri for its Staff members. To be considered a candidate, proceed to your preferred sub-department and carefully fill in the application and familiarize yourself with the specified qualifications. You must fill all portions of the application and meet all requested qualifications to be considered.

Maid Café

As a Maid, you will be serving our customers in at the Anime Matsuri collaboration Café during the convention. You will also be making year-round appearances and photoshoots for training and promotional purposes and must be prepared to be in character in front of strangers. Due to the exclusive partnerships Anime Matsuri will be implementing a screening and interview process to each considered applicant. Please review the specified qualifications and properly fill in the fields below.


  • Must be female and over 18 years old
  • Uniform measurements requirement – Bust min. 33″ up to 41″ – Waist min. 23″ up to 29″ – Hips FREE – No hight requirement.
  • Live in the Houston area
  • Upbeat, social and confident personality
  • Experience with personal hair and makeup
  • Modeling experience highly prefered
  • Commitment to attend all training and meetings
  • Commitment to attend and participate in public events and social media
  • Able to work 6-8 hour shifts in uniform
  • Available to volunteer all 4 days of the convention weekend